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Hey Guys I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier (patience is a virtue FAE.) but I had a trip to the hospital and I'm still on muscle relaxers and in a lot of pain. But anyway. This book is cooler than me being lame (literally).

So I'd like everyone to read to chapter 17 in Until Proven Guilty that's just a little over the 200 page mark. The problem I was having, chosing a chapter, was that all the chapters are short and typically J.A. Jance books are very easy reads.. but what I'm interested in, after thinking about it.. is a good talk about WHO DONE IT? What are YOUR predictions for the book?

That way when we finish this we'll all know. :)

Happy reading!


Jul. 24th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
stopped at chapter 17
i just was able to get the book at the library yesterday so i spent a big part of today reading it. it's actually a 3-story hardcover so it weighs like 20 lbs, i think i got carpal tunnel.

it's not bad. i thought it would be worse, i don't know why. it's an easy read and some of the witticisms are cute. if it ends well i may just keep on reading the next 2 stories in the series.

at first i thought ladyinred killed the girl in order to frame the cult somehow, since they're child-beaters and she's had a history with them.

but then when it became more obvious that she killed the pastor and the dead girl's pushover mom, i'm left wondering who killed the girl. i started to suspect peters for a minute, but i forget why now... it was something he said. plus it was his idea to use the secret recording, and he could have put the tape there on purpose and then faked a voice to try to pretend he was some other guy when he walked in and shot them.

who the hell is uncle charlie?!

also, i think the lady in red is a serial killer and that's why she does the out of place dressing in all red with the rose and the car. it's like her business card or whatever.

i didn't think beaumont was that stupid at first; i chalked it up to thinking with the wrong head. but then she proposes and he says yes? wtf?! come on, man. that's one too many red flags. how did he ever make detective?

oh, in the first couple of chapters i cracked up because the old lady's cat was SO the cheat... listen:

We entered the kitchen. A large grey cat, standing in the sink lapping water from a leaky tap, eyed us speculatively (...) "That's Henry Aldrich. He doesn't talk much but he's good company."

large. grey. has a first and last name. drinks from taps instead of bowls. gives you "the look" when you walk in. lol, it's the cheat! then it got better:

The gray cat meandered in from the kitchen. He favored us with an insolent look, then leaped to the back of the couch. Once there he stretched out, languidly settling himself directly between Peters and me. I wondered how much gray cat hair would be on my brown jacket and trousers when I stood up.

i swear my cat did some consulting work on this book.

so back to business, the male voice on the recording. if it's not peters, i doubt it could be the old lady throwing her voice. and it seems too obvious that it's uncle charlie but i don't even know who that is yet so there's no telling.

unless carstogi has a split personality and he actually did do it. or if ladyinred somehow conned him into it, since she's so good at making men do anything she wants.

i guess it's too early to tell.


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