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Hey Guys I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier (patience is a virtue FAE.) but I had a trip to the hospital and I'm still on muscle relaxers and in a lot of pain. But anyway. This book is cooler than me being lame (literally).

So I'd like everyone to read to chapter 17 in Until Proven Guilty that's just a little over the 200 page mark. The problem I was having, chosing a chapter, was that all the chapters are short and typically J.A. Jance books are very easy reads.. but what I'm interested in, after thinking about it.. is a good talk about WHO DONE IT? What are YOUR predictions for the book?

That way when we finish this we'll all know. :)

Happy reading!


Jul. 23rd, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
Stopped at Chapter 17
Okay. I have to admit that I misjudged this book - and possibly the genre. It's not nearly so painful as I imagined it would be. Although, granted, I hardly managed not to vomit all over my blanket when I read, in the second paragraph no less, "like so much garbage". I hate that phrase mostly because it's so overdone. There was no creativity there.

But whatever. I liken the writing style to that of Stephen King: there's some good descriptions, flashbulb moments where it gets all bright and clear, but mostly it's plot-based writing. And woo, it definitely reads like it was written from an outline.

It also read really quickly. Nothing like 1984, that's for damned sure, lol.

I'm also glad that the book was very clear that the cult was just that - a cult, not a true faith - and the main character pointed out that even though there was Bible quoting going on, it was wholly out of context. Most of the stuff I saw was from Romans, and I'm fortunate enough to have just finished reading Romans. Wow, talk about out of context! The "law" that the dood harped on? It wasn't even legal law; it was law of the church, or basically, the rules that the church established for its patrons. It was nothing like what Brodie was saying it was. So... Yes. I was glad for those things. I wasn't nearly so angry as I thought I'd be.

So... Predictions:

I don't think that the person who killed Angela was the same person who killed Brodie and Suzanne. I don't know yet who killed either, but killing a kid doesn't seem to be in the fabric of the cult and I honestly don't think it was the old lady busybody neighbor. That leaves the enigmatic Uncle Charlie, who is neither of the cult nor a neighbor nor a family member. I don't know who he is; the book hasn't given me any clues. But because there are no clues, I think that's who did it. (If there WERE clues, it would be obvious - or not - that he did it, and then the mystery novel has lost its driving force, which is the "whodunit" aspect.)

As for Suzanne and the preacher, that one was pretty obvious. It's the lady in red, the one that our lovely protagonist is shacking up with. She's seriously disturbed -- going to strangers' kids' funerals and bawling, "falling in love" with our sub-par cop of a hero, and by all marks, acting wholly unlike a sane, rich, smart, savvy, well-educated woman would -- and I wouldn't be surprised if she's some sort of self-appointed vigilante, running around and "righting wrongs" that the system never did - or couldn't, due to her interference.

So, that's what I've got.

I also feel like I've cheated by waiting until Thursday night to read/write all this down. I honestly just didn't want to have to stop in the middle of the book, wait a few days, then pick it up again. Hee. I'm a cheat.

But I love you!


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