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Round #1 Selection Order

For this selection round, we'll use the member enrollment time to make the list, so:

1. Fae
2. Ali
3. Bryce
4. Mila
5. Carie

And if anyone else joins before we start, I'll add them to the bottom of the list.


Selection Template

Subject Line: Round #XX Selections

Book Title: XXX
Publication Year: XXX
Page count:
Brief Description Paragraph
Link to book at Amazon
Optional Book Cover Image

Movie Title:
Release Year:
Brief Description:
Link to movie at IMDB
Optional Movie Cover Image

How It Works

Flicking Books is a book and movie club for writers, designed for its members to enjoy a shared reading, watching, and conversation experience around a selected book and movie. 

How It Works
  1. Book & Movie selections are done in rounds. Any new members enter into the next full round. 
  2. Selection order for the round is established by the moderator at the beginning of a new round.
  3. The beginning member selects book and movie for the community and adds three posts to the community: (i) The Selections, using the Selection Template, (ii) A Book Conversation placeholder, and (iii) A Movie Conversation placeholder
  4. Before diving in, everyone comments to the Selection post to give initial thoughts and expectations.
  5. Read 200 pages a week (no more, no less, no skipping ahead, resist the urge!) until the book is completed. Book versions will vary - just stick with your own page numbers. 
  6. Post in the Book Conversation thread to talk about what you've read. To avoid spoiling it for the rest of us, note your current page number in the comment's Subject Line (or say "Done" if you've reached the end of the book).
  7. Once the book is complete, the next person in the round posts their selections and conversation placeholder. Reading will begin 7 days from the posting date (to allow for members to obtain the book and movie).
  8. It's movie time! While we're getting our next book and movie, finish up conversation about the previous book and take time to watch and post about the movie. 
Community Rules
  1. Don't be an asshat.
  2. Don't be inactive.
  3. When selecting your books and movies, be kind to your members. We'll read anything, we'll watch anything - and expanding horizons is one of the benefits of this kinda club - but if you know someone can't stand gorefests, then be considerate. If you know it's nearly impossible to lay your hands on Brian Hooker's translation of Cyrano de Bergerac (it is), then don't pick that for your book. Paperbacks are really nice (and cheap, if people are buying their books). Netflix streaming movies are appreciated too!
  4. Don't like the selections? Sack up and deal! Or if it's really a huge thing, tell us. We'll point and laugh at you because really, we like pointing and laughing. But after we're done wiping our tears, we'll try to see what we can do for you. You might have to sit one round out, though!