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So our book, Until Proven Guilty, should be finished this coming week! Friday the 30th! Discussion time! Remember your predictions? How did they turn out? What more would you LIKE to have seen from JP and crew? Any amazing scenes you loved? Hated?

Favorite one liners? Favorite character (Major/Minor)?



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Jul. 29th, 2010 04:43 am (UTC)
Yay, I finished the book!

And, heh, everything turned out just the way I thought it would. What does that mean? Well, I think it means that I've played in storylines long enough to know what makes a standard one and what makes something else. And this genre type is standard.

I was kinda glad that The Lady In Red ended up biting it. I was pleased about this. She was straight psycho, man.

And I'm also sickly pleased that J.P. suffered. Even his suffering is stupid and inane. You do not fall in love with someone in a week. You may fall in love with an idea, and she certainly played enough fiction for him to have a reason to believe the idea, but only children fall like that. So SUFFER, J.P., FOR YOU ARE A FOOL.

Maybe next time, he'll have learned his lesson. Maybe next time, he will fall in love with someone AFTER knowing them, instead of just getting to know the facade.

Facade. I like that word. Facadefacadefacade. It sounds all... It sounds like it should be a curse word.


As far as the book itself?

Really, it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be. Thank you, Ali, for not subjecting me to something like, Oh, I Don't Know -- 1984!!

Jul. 29th, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
woah. that was one crrrrrazy week. the 1-234-5678 thing cracked me up. sesame street. it's a story about kids dying horribly and i was laughing my ass off. the killer got to them via a pbs show! that i did not see coming :)

i wasn't so glad that she died in the end, i kind of wanted her to go to jail for a long time instead of getting an easy way out like dying within 2 minutes of being shot. but i guess she was really doing a good deed in her head.

at least beau is rich now, and doing good things with his money, since he seemed like a good guy trying to better the world and all.

it's good that he bonded with his new partner so now the series can continue. that and the bitch not being his wife at the end was very predictable though... cuz a detective needs a good partner and to be single in order to make it in these kinds of stories.

i half expected maxey to wind up writing something about how good j.p. was, to make up for the intro where all he did was publish bad-cop stories. but he got punched in the face, that's good too i guess.

his stupidity regarding the bitch was annoying, though, for such a 'great detective'. and the marrying in a week was hard to believe. i quit reading it for a few days during that part, it kind of jumped the shark.

it was definitely more enjoyable than 1984, i'll give it that, lol! not better, but more enjoyable.

i won't read the next book in the series but i'm glad i read one at least to see what it was like.
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