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Hey Guys I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier (patience is a virtue FAE.) but I had a trip to the hospital and I'm still on muscle relaxers and in a lot of pain. But anyway. This book is cooler than me being lame (literally).

So I'd like everyone to read to chapter 17 in Until Proven Guilty that's just a little over the 200 page mark. The problem I was having, chosing a chapter, was that all the chapters are short and typically J.A. Jance books are very easy reads.. but what I'm interested in, after thinking about it.. is a good talk about WHO DONE IT? What are YOUR predictions for the book?

That way when we finish this we'll all know. :)

Happy reading!


Jul. 20th, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
Re: End of Chapter 16
It annoyed me too, to think this amazing Cop (cause he is!) isn't seeing through such BS, or could be BS, at this point in the book I'm second guessing my ideas. Is it just so obvious it can't be right? Is she really good looking enough to ignore?

What I can say is JP is out of a divorce, lonely, drinking and making the wrong choices in this book. Probably a little lost on a lot of things. I still like his character. I want him to be better. I want him to figure everything out before its too late or he's dead too.

I think for me it's an easy enough read. Sometimes you don't want something overly complicated and more heres a mystery solve it sort of sense. This isn't Jance's best, not at all. But it's the first of the series and so it's got a soft spot to me.

Does she get better? Will it get better by the end of the book?

Do you find any of it enjoyable?


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